All of our products set a very high standard in quality and durability.
However, even with our products a defect can not be entirely ruled out.
We would like to stress, that the suggested proceeding is voluntary and not binding. The only intention is to speed up the process of answering your complaint and fulfilling the repair as quick and uncomplicated as possible. Due to this we kindly as you complying with the proceedings below in your own interest.

Step 1

Please send an email to with the following information:

  • Name, address and telephone number
  • Customer number and/or invoice number
  • Part number and product name
  • Statement whether it is a warranty case (24 months from date of purchase) or charged repair
  • Detailed description of the complaint
  • Vehicle information (manufacturer / model / type / engine / year of construction)

Step 2

We will record the warranty/repair into the system and email you a returns number.
We kindly ask you to provide this number at all inquiries.

Step 3

Send the cleaned and well packed parts, indicating the returns number to the following address:
KW automotive GmbH   Returns number   Aspachweg 14   D-74427 Fichtenberg

Step 4

After receipt of these parts, they will be repaired immediately and sent back to you.
Please provide the returns number at all inquiries.