KW coilovers in a Porsche 911

For each Porsche 911 (991), we are developing KW coilovers and KW height-adjustable springs for an increased driving pleasure – for every day you ride your Porsche

For each Porsche 911 (991), we are developing KW coilovers and KW height-adjustable springs

A timeless design combined with unadulterated sportiness is the trademarks of a Porsche 911. With our suspension upgrades, we are further increasing the driving dynamics of your 991; after all, a Porsche 911 is and will remain a sports car.

KW coilovers in a Porsche 911

We offer the perfect suspension for the 911 Carrera, 911 Carrera S, 911 Carrera GTS, 911 Carrera Convertible, 911 Carrera 4S, 911 Carrera 4 GTS, 911 Carrera 4S Convertible, 911 Carrera 4 GTS Convertible, 911 Targa 4, 911 Targa 4S, 911 Targa 4 GTS, 911 Turbo, 911 Turbo S, 911 Turbo Convertible, 911 Turbo S Convertible, 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series and 911 GT3 including the facelift models.

KW variant 3 coilovers for a Porsche 991

For our vehicle-specific developments, of course, we always differentiate whether your Porsche features the PDCC (Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control) or PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management); after all, you are not driving just any Porsche 911, but your own. If your Porsche 911 does not have a lift system from factory, we offer an intelligent retrofit solution with our KW hydraulic lift system.

Height-adjustable KW coilover springs

Height adjustable Springs for the Porsche 991

Similar to a coilover kit, our KW coilover springs allow an adjustable lowering, in order to change the lowering at any time. This would not be possible with conventional lowering springs.

Height adjustable Springs for the Porsche 991

The great advantage: Your PASM dampers remain on board after retrofitting. When changing to the height-adjustable KW springs, the Porsche dust protection elements, bump stops, spring plates and springs are dismantled and replaced by the matching KW components.

KW coilovers in a Porsche 911

The KW dust protection elements and bump stops included in the delivery content are always adapted to the biggest possible lowering. So with the height-adjustable KW springs a sporty, harmonious driving behavior can be realized, without that the driving dynamics of the Porsche 911 (991) suffers. Of course our KW coilover springs are also available for models with PDCC and / or with a series lift system.

Guaranteed more driving dynamics for your Porsche 911: KW Coilovers

KW coilovers variant 3 for Porsche 911 (991)

If you are a driver who is looking for an even more uncompromising driving dynamics for his Porsche and would like to combine this with a maximum lowering, then you will find the ideal upgrade for your 911 in our coilovers that are adjustable in damper characteristics.

KW competition coilovers  in a racing Porsche 911

Our KW coilover kits made of stainless steel and some of aluminum are available in different versions, such as with the adaptive KW DDC damper technology for an optional smartphone adaption of the damper forces or even with the racing technology that Porsche itself uses in motorsport for numerous Porsche 911 models of the 991 series.

KW coilovers in a Porsche 911

The KW coilover kit Variant 3, which can be adjusted separately in compression and rebound damping, is one of the most-selling suspensions in the sports car segment – also among Porsche drivers. With the manually adjustable dampers you have the possibility to adapt your Porsche 911 in the driving behavior individually to your personal demand.

 Rebound technology of a KW variant 3 coilover of the Porsche 911 (991)

The 16 click stages of the rebound allow you to increase the handling of your Porsche for even more steering precision or to provide more driving comfort in a certain way.

Compression adjustment technology of a KW variant 3 coilover of the Porsche 911 (991)

The 12-stage compression adjustment of the Variant 3 gives you through the separate setting of the rebound stage the additional scope to targeted control any occurring pitching and rolling movements at the driving dynamic limit range.

For the Variant 3, pre-configured high-speed compression valves are used in addition to the adjustable rebound and compression damping. When driving over ground waves or large cross-joints, even when the compression stage is closed, bypass valves are opened and the wheels can dive in, wherefrom in addition to the driving stability also the driving comfort benefits.

KW Clubsport Coilovers – from racing to the street and from the street to the race track

Cockpit view of a Porsche with built-in KW coilover

Are you driving your Porsche 911 in everyday life and are you an active participant at track days and a regular guest of the Porsche Driving Experience? Then our KW Clubsport 3-way coilovers are made for you!

KW Clubsport 3-Way coilovers for the Porsche 911 (991)

Our KW Clubsport 3-way coilover kit in combination with semi slicks and sport tires ensures short lap times on the race track (see the German magazine Auto Bild sportscars 5/2016) and also convinces on the road. The Auto Bild sportscars test (issue 5/2016 pages 102 – 105) in a few words: “Sensational KW suspension kit: awesome on the race track, still comfortable in everyday life.”

KW Clubsport 3-way coilovers in a racing Porsche

Für unsere KW Clubsport Gewindefahrwerke haben wir die erfolgreiche KW Competition Rennsportfahrwerktechnologie aus dem Porsche 911 GT3 R Werkskundenmotorsport für die Straße adaptiert.

KW Clubsport 3-Way for Porsche 911 (991)

As with the Porsche racing cars, also the dampers of the KW Clubsport coilovers can be adjusted in numerous parameters, in order to always achieve the maximum performance and, more importantly: to adapt to your personal driving style on the different racetracks. Already at the next track day, you will experience a noticeable increase of driving dynamics in your Porsche 911 (991).

Cockpit view of a Porsche with built-in KW coilover

In addition to the aluminum Unibal top mounts for setting the ideal camber angle on your track day, you can also configure the dampers targeted to the respective track. In addition to the rebound damping with 16-clicks, with the KW Clubsport 3-way you can go even further in detail of the suspension setup.

KW Clubsport 3-Way coilovers for a Porsche 911 (991)

Two separate valves and a 2-way adjustable compression stage valve allow an adjustment of the compression stage separately in low speed and high speed. The settings are made via two adjustment wheels with a click system in the valve housing, which feature 14 clicks for the high speed range and six clicks in the low-speed range.

Cockpit view of a Porsche with built-in KW coilover

The KW Clubsport 3-way coilovers convince with a blow-off characteristic with large cross-sections, which enable high low speed forces for the best support of the Porsche body, without letting the body lift at wheel inducted high damping speeds like when driving over curbs.

Welcome in the future of “suspension tuning”: KW DDC coilovers

KW DDC coilovers for a Porsche 911 (991)

The KW DDC ECU coilovers are the intelligent suspension solution for retrofitting and combine the advantages of a KW coilover kit with an adaptive damper control. To be able to change the different damper characteristics via the vehicle board electronics within milliseconds, the DDC dampers feature electronically controlled bypass valves in addition to the fix configured rebound and compression stage valves. Within 5 ms, the adaptive valves react to the impulses of the suspension control unit, in order to for example in Comfort mode regulate the dampers stiffer according to the vehicle speed.

KW DDC oilovers button

You can switch between the driving modes “Comfort”, “Sport” and “Sport +” via the KW DDC button and after every push of the button, your Porsche 911 drives completely different. Thanks to the KW DDC App, you can even create your own damper settings for your personal driving pleasure – very intuitive and in real-time.

Via the KW DDC App, the setting of the damper characteristics is carried out continuously from 0% (maximum comfort identification) up to 100% (maximum Sport+ identification)
Via the KW DDC App, the setting of the damper characteristics is carried out continuously from 0% (maximum comfort identification) up to 100% (maximum Sport+ identification)

Via the KW DDC App, the setting of the damper characteristics is carried out continuously from 0% (maximum comfort identification) up to 100% (maximum Sport+ identification) within the vehicle-specific safety specifications separately on the front and rear axle for the up to five personal setups. The damping adjustment is made either via a fine adjustment (+/- 1%) or in individual steps (+/- 10%). With the App control, the adaptive KW DDC ECU coilover kit can afterwards individually be adjusted to your personal driving style, wheel / tire combinations, the loading state of the car and the respective driving distance. If you like to, you can even share your setup by e-mail with other Porsche drivers.

For every Porsche 911 the perfect KW coilovers

For this, only a WLAN module with the KW suspension control unit is installed, which then establishes a secured WiFi connection with the input device.

KW Hydraulic Lift System

For every Porsche 911 the perfect KW coilovers

JDepending on the individual requirements, our hydraulic lift system is available as a retrofit kit and as a complete package including the KW coilover kit. By the push of a button, the hydraulic cylinders lift the body on the front axle or on both axles, depending on whether you have chosen the KW HLS 2 or KW HLS 4 kit.

This allows you to gain up to 45 mm more ground clearance in just a few seconds. Of course the KW HLS can also be activated by a radio remote control. No matter which HLS application you choose, the lifting cylinders can be activated by up to a speed of 80 km/h. So you do not have to stop in front of a speed bump, or drive on a poor route in walking speed.