KW Gewindefahrwerk verbaut in einem klassischen BMW E30

KW Classic product line: BMW E30 Coilover kits including forged spindles are now available

KW Klassik Gewindefahrwerke für BMW E30 mit geschmiedeten Achsschenkeln.
For more and more classic cars and young classics, KW automotive is developing suspension applications that offer an significantly added value. The new KW classic suspensions Feature forged streering knuckles (forged spindles) on the front struts for the BMW E30 which no longer requires the time-consuming processing of the original struts when converting to a modern suspension.
Die geschmiedeten Achsschenkel erleichtern den Einbau der KW Gewindefahrwerke im BMW E 30.
Fans of classic automobiles often face the challenge that the advanced development of the tyres barely harmonize with the suspension Technology of the seventies and eighties of the former century. Older Suspension and damper developments with Standard Technology from the time of their market Launch, combined with modern tyres in everday life or at the Limit of driving Dynamics, can be inharmonious or even difficult to control in regards of driving behavior. This is not the case with our suspensions.
Dank der geschmiedeten Achsschenkel müssen die Original-Federbeine des BMW E30 nicht mehr bearbeitet werden.
Nach dem Einbau des Federbein müssen nur Ankerblech, Radnabe und Bremse montiert werden.
Our new KW classic coilover kits with technical component report differ from the well-known KW coilovers for the BMW E30 that the front axles struts have forged steering knuckles also known as forged spindles. This no longer requires the time-consuming processing of the original parts. Without any troubles you also can use through our state of the art dampers modern tyres.
Je nach Einsatzzweck verfügen die verwendeten High-Performance-Dämpfer über verschiedene KW Ventiltechnologien zum unabhängigen Einstellen der Dämpferkräfte.
Our high-performance dampers have different valve technologies for an Independent adjustment of the compression and rebound stages.
Due to the KW coilovers available for the BMW E30, the driving dynamics is greatly increased and the BMW classics are much easier to control, with modern tyres and larger rims even at the Limits of driving dynamics.
Die KW Gewindefahrwerke erlauben im Rahmen des Teilegutachtens eine stufenlose Tieferlegung des BMW E30 bis zu 80 mm.
In addition to the Variant 3 with dampers independently adjustable in compression and rebound there is also the KW Variant 1 without adjustable dampers for the BMW E30 available. Both KW coilovers enable for the timeless E30 to be continuously lowered at the front axle from 60 to 80 mm and at drive axle from 55 to 80 mm.
Moderne Fahrfreude für den klassischen BMW E30 ermöglicht durch die KW Klassiker Gewindefahrwerke.
With the KW Variant 3 with it’s adjustable dampers, it is also possible to adapt the driving behavior of all BMW E30 (except ix-models with permanent four-wheel drive and M3) to the personal driving demand.
Die Zugstufe kann bei der Variante 3 mit 16 Klicks eingestellt werden.
The rebound adjustment which can be adjusted with 16 clicks allows to directly take influence on handling and driving comfort. By increasing the rebound force, the body movements are reduced. The E30 drives with more ride stability at fast cornering speeds.
In our dampers, also pre-configured high-speed compression valves are used. This has the great advantage that, for example, when crossing large transvers Joints or Speed bumps, Bypasses channels in the damper open and the Piston rod can dive in. Simply said, the wheels are springing in when driving over a bump and even at high speeds, the tyres do not lose grip. This blow-off-characteristic of the KW coilover suspension makes sporty driving safer..
Für die Druckstufe ist das Einstellrädchen direkt im Federbein integriert. Zwölf Klicks stehen zur Wahl.
With the compression damping that is separately adjustable with twelve clicks, for example the traction of the tyres can be increased and the handling and ride comfort can further be influenced.
Großen Wert legen wir auf eine erhöhte Alltagstauglichkeit und, dass durch die Umrüstung auf eine moderne Fahrwerktechnologie kein großer Aufwand betrieben werden muss.
While for the well-known KW coilovers Variant 1 and Variant 3 the series struts must be sent to KW in advance for processing, the KW classic coilovers are available including forged knuckles on the suspension strut, which at the the end are the cheaper Investment for the BMW E30 Enthusiast.